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>> and 8.9 magnitude earthquake rocked japan, the strongest to hit the area and more than 100 years. one of the many issues facing japan in the earthquake's aftermath, the impact on that nation's nuclear facilities. >> a japanese news agency is reporting that some radioactivity may be leaking from a nuclear reactor. in the meantime, reaction to the massive earthquake continues. noel walker has more on the tsunami warnings. >> the tsunami waves that swept across the northern japanese coast, wiping out everything in their path, arrived at u.s. coast hours later. residents were sent scrambling to safety. in oregon, coastal residents awoke to sirens and began evacuations. >> they started screaming and yelling and running through the trailer park getting everybody
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up. >> in california, the current tossed around boats in santa cruz like they were backed of toys, swapping some ships and leaving others locked -- lost at sea. coastal residents evacuated to higher ground. most of the destruction was isolated to harbors and marinas. the damage is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. president obama offered immediate aid. >> our hearts go out to our friends in japan and across the region and we will stand with them as they recover and rebuild from this tragedy. >> a tragedy that could just as easily have happened here. >> a lot of people right here in maryland spent the day struggling to get in touch with friends and family in japan. that includes japanese do is currently studying in the baltimore area. a local university has exchange students in japan right now.
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kai reed spoke with a japanese professor. >> it is nearly impossible to make contact by phone so japanese professor is depending on the internet to check in with family and friends. she is terrified for those in harm's way. the images are devastating. each one shaking this towson university professor to the court. >> that body has been floating in the water, and the big ships being sucked away. it is also hard to take in. >> she immediately tried to call her mother in japan, with no luck. >> i knew right away that it was nothing like any other earthquake we have ever had before. >> finally she reached her family and friends through e- mail and facebook. her family is that hiroshima about 500 miles away from where
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the tsunami hit. >> universe officials say local students are miles from the epicenter and aren't safe. the professor has been in the states for more than a decade -- they are miles from the epicenter and are safe. a magnitude 8.9 earthquake, a 23 foot tsunami, and actors are -- hours of aftershocks. the professor says she is frustrated to be so far from home and desperate to help. >> those people lost their homes, their land and farming equipment and all that. those people are going to be in need of great help, and it is not going to be able -- not going to be easy to rebuild those homes that were destroyed. >> the professor destroyed the devastating earthquake in kobe, japan back in 1995.
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>> our earthquake in tsunami coverage continues online ad you can check out an interactive guide on what is thought to be the science behind earthquakes and tsunamis. >> parts of cecil county could be submerged if the susquehanna river continues to rise. blood days have been opened at the conowingo dam -- floodgates have been open. >> sheldon has more on the town's preparations. >> town officials say they are hoping for the best and preparing for the worse. they went door to door this afternoon passing out fliers to help residents get ready for the rising water. there is one thing the people of fort deposit know for sure. >> we have been experiencing and since we were created in 1813.
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>> the town of for deposit is prone to flooding whenever the floodgates are open at the conowingo dam. it can be pretty bad. town officials say recent weather has caused mounting pressure at the conowingo dam. as a result, the floodgates had to be opened. by friday afternoon, 18 gates were open, ultimately causing parts of the susquehanna river to overflow. wickes yesterday the water extended as far back as that debris line, and officials worry it could go even higher. >> between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. saturday morning, we will have 20 and 21, which does concern us. >> it actually pores and right through here. it comes right between the stone and this stuff. >> a trickle of water has already started to flow into pamela's basement, but she is
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prepared for the worse. >> i have been watching the water level. we already had of baseman project going, so we were putting stuff up on plastic. >> other residents to the advantage of the rising water to paddle around, but most are not too concerned about the threat of flooding. >> we take a gigantic river arks from upstate and load them up. we are used to it. >> this houseless be delayed the -- house was built in 1870. maybe i am crazy, but i am not worried. >> shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the flooding rains are gone, but hd daughter is still picking up on some scattered light sprinkles. some of those might scooper the
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susquehanna area over to harford and cecil counties. the afternoon flood stage was just about reached and it is expected to crest tomorrow evening -- crest tomorrow evening at over 27 feet. we are keeping track on some warmer temperatures that will try to move our way. more on that and the complete we can forecast, coming up. >> with the potential for flooding over the weekend, we want to see your pictures and video. these pictures from the conowingo dam are our spot light of the month. >> nfl labor talks came to a halt today. the two sides ended up with two weeks of mediation with finger- pointing and run to the courts.
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>> the players union remain steadfast that a fair deal could not be made without full disclosure of the owners' financial from last 10 years. the union went to court this afternoon, allowing the players a chance to file antitrust lawsuits. the suit asked a district court in minnesota to block the nfl's attempt at a lockout. believe it had hoped to keep the labor fight out of the courts and finds the players' union tactics and savory. >> at the very time that we were face-to-face with the union and with its executive committee, they had already made the decision to decertify their union. we were meeting with them after four o'clock this afternoon to talk about the offer that we tendered them, and an hour later we got letters saying that as of
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4:00, they had given up their status as a collective bargaining representative. >> coming up later, we will hear from the players' side. >> we will send you breaking news e-mail alerts when a development breaks. you can sign up for it free on >> one person has been airlifted to shock trauma tonight after being stabbed during a home invasion in carroll county. it happened in westminster. maryland police say they are still looking for the suspect. there is no exact word on the victim's condition. >> anne arundel county police were pursuing 42-year-old michael kenny when they finally caught him on westbound route 32. he is wanted for stabbing his wife several times inside a new york hair salon. 41-year-old denise can he died at the hospital.
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>> murder charges have been dropped against the man accused of a deadly road rage shooting. authorities say 26-year-old james king of severn -- prosecutors say king was found mentally unstable to stand trial. meanwhile, officials say new evidence shows someone else may be responsible for that murder. baltimore county police need your help in finding the man responsible for shooting a gas station employee back on february 18 during a robbery. officials released a surveillance picture of one of the suspects. if you have any information, you are asked to call out -- to contact baltimore county police. a man was left in grave condition when of moped crashed with a truck on the henry street in south baltimore.
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the gentleman was taken to shock trauma and the cause of the accident is still under investigation. >> an abandoned car led to the suspension of baltimore homicide division. a city on vehicle assigned to major terrance mclarney was found in a ditch off i-95 in howard county sunday night. mclarty told investigators he was on his way home from work when his car slid off the roadway. police said they have found no reason to charge him with a traffic violation. the results of their investigation are being turned over to baltimore city police. >> the fayed of sal -- of same- sex -- the fate of same-sex marriage is in limbo. >> chilly temperatures and a few sprinkles, but there is warmer and drier weather in the forecast. details are straight ahead.
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>> there is amazing news out of houston tonight where doctors a congresswoman gaby giffords is making incredible progress on her recovery. doctors say she is gaining more
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and more strength. she is walking, speaking in full sentences, and she hopes to attend her husband's april launch of the space shuttle endeavor. doctors said that at a rate of recovery, it is definitely possible. the effort to legalize and recognize same-sex marriage in maryland failed on the house floor after weeks of intense lobbying and debate. the votes to pass it simply were not there and they sent the legislation back to the house committee. david collins has details. >> we sent you to annapolis to protect our rights. >> the debate revealed a house divided and on the most personal terms imaginable. supporters used foul language and racial slurs to intimidate him and he took exception to comparison to the civil rights movement. >> show me in birmingham alabama
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when high-pressure hoses were turned on us, when we at the state or government deny equal protection under the law. the 14th minute -- the 14th amendment is a civil rights issue. >> i knew that when i listen to god's voice coming to meet, what i heard was, you are made in my image. >> i heard that somehow i am less than natural, that i am of less than human. >> but the votes for passage simply were not there. >> at this time, i am going to move to have this bill recommitted to the house judiciary committee. >> the house speaker says many
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new members who worked unfamiliar with the process are partly to blame. >> i believe we will see a bill come before this maryland house of delegates next year. >> the measure took a roller- coaster ride to the house floor. >> on third reading for final passage, is there any debate? >> there were more unsuccessful attempts to amend it on the floor. >> the amendment eliminates a very few examples -- >> the law walks, it does not run. you need to take it a step at a time. >> the delicate is suggesting the state recognizable union's first. advocates oppose civil unions as an option saying it does not go far enough. the plan to lobby for passage of a full equal rights bill next year. >> as many as 200 cuts may be
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coming to baltimore county schools, and teachers say it actually could impact student achievement. to balance the budget, school officials say that have to tighten their belts, which means cutting positions. the school superintendent says teachers may be reacting too soon. >> we really try to develop personal relationships. when you have a larger class size, it really takes away from the teachers' ability to focus in on that student that really need some extra help or focus on that student who is having a bad day. >> the numbers are not final. the county council will have the final say on the spending plan at a later date. baltimore county chesapeake high school got a big boost from a high-tech global security company. it came in the form of a $13,000 check from lockheed martin. lockheed martin says students will spend some of the money for
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competition. chesapeake high has one of the district's top schools for science and technology, engineering, and mathematics. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> those earthquake stories making the big news all the way around a world today, and that japan earthquake was the fifth of time since the u.s. geological survey's started. e was anin southern chill incredible 9.5. one in alaska it topped nine on the magnitude scale in 1964, and the sumatra one not too long ago. russia had won that measured nine, and in japan had one today just under that 9 magnitude at
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8.9, fifth on the all-time list. no. 3 and no. 5 occurred just since 2000, so some major earthquakes in recent years. bwi marshall today, just a trace of leftover rain from yesterday's record setting totals. a few of those raindrops' have lingered into it today. we still have a few scattered light rain showers tracking through the northern -- through the northern suburbs. a flurry could be mixed in as we draw the numbers into the 30's tonight but these will stay mostly brought along the pennsylvania border. the range trading down from yesterday through creeks and streams, still taking its time. it takes several hours if not days for all that water to drain 3. we are getting reports of flooding conditions on those rivers and along the susquehanna, which is not expected to crest and still time
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to redo some time tomorrow evening, which is over 27 feet. we will keep an eye on that. skies expected to clear out as we head toward morning, and once the cloud cover breaks up in the temperatures will drop. numbers around 40 in the northeastern corner of the state, 37 back west fort hancock and baltimore right now we are in the low 40's. we will in that 30-37 by dawn. look at the warmth here in the middle of the country. 71 degrees this afternoon around kansas city, 79 in oklahoma city, 56 in southwestern kentucky. some of the warmer air will move then and we expect temperatures to moderate and be a little above normal tomorrow and into the upcoming weekend. it will cloud up tomorrow afternoon and then cleared out for the rest of the weekend. we will be in and out of the clouds tomorrow as the warm air trust to move on in. monday another storm will be
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developing to the cell. clouds will be increasing but it looks like for the weekend, essentially dry weather. 55-60 tomorrow. don't forget tomorrow night the clocks go forward one hour. we are heading back into daylight savings time. today him becomes 3:00 a.m. just like that, so you will lose an hour of sleep. -- to look like a him becomes 3:00 a.m. just like that. there could be a few snow showers in the western maryland announced early on before it clears out. around the bay, look for some clouds on the northern part of the bay. the lower eastern shore, about 60 degrees tomorrow with west to southwest winds. sunny to partly cloudy tomorrow, a little more son on sunday, 55, a chilly monday with ties only around 50, and then a storm
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headed our way monday night, perhaps lingering into tuesday in part of wednesday. >> terps try to keep hope alive and put up a good fight. we will check on the tournament, straight ahead. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated $151 million. you must match these five white balls plus that gold megaball. let's see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. 42-14-45-19-21. tonight's megaball number is 6.
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if no one imagines all six numbers, tuesday's jackpot
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> no deal, the answer today for owners and players. the two sides together create $9.3 billion and revenue and cannot agree on how to spend it.
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at the core of the fight, power. free agency, 60% of revenues goes to salaries and pensions, all major things that one for litigation and bargaining. the owners want some of that back, but the union proves resolute in its willingness to keep an eye for what it has. >> we are wrong to give back to work and -- go back to work and do our best to save football, but right now, football is in good hands. it is in the hands of the people love our game, the hands of people who play, and is in the fans. of the fenc to make matters worse, turbos season will now only continue -- the terps season.
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effort was not the problem. dick being better was the problem. duke being better was the problem. it is a run that would continue for the turtles. jordan williams, down to three, but never over the hump. seth curry, the ultimate dagger. 87-71 was the score. morgan was the winner today over over bethune.verbid soo just two days left in the high school basketball season.
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comcast center, the semifinals. dunbar, owings mills, dunne are getting it done there. owings mills eagles fought pretty hard. dunmore pulls the plug on that climb. -- dunbar moves to the customs law in the one-day finals. the lovely finish, 29-18. second half, digital harbor is up 30. the rams when 75-45, going to the title game saturday. five buses of fans from carroll
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county made the trip. the cavaliers up 13-5 and the tavis with his brother. we go to the third quarter now, easton doing the work. easton goes on to win 69-52. stay with us, we will check the forecast
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>> a flood warning continues on the susquehanna and out on the potomac. another 12 to 24 hours for all that water to get out of here, but at least there's not much rain in the forecast for the next few days. turn the clocks forward one hour sunday morning, back to daylight savings time. it will be lighter later in the day. >> give us a nice weather to enjoy it lighter day. how about next friday? >> we just have to be patient. >> i am not good at that. the tonight show with jay leno is coming up next. >> goodnight. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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